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Minnie Mouse Scented Ufufy Plush - Small - 4'' Inch

Minnie Mouse Scented Ufufy Plush - Small - 4'' Inch <img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2597/4033468436_1e1b694d61_o.gif">
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Product Description

Contents: One (1) Disney Ufufy Plush Toy - Minnie Mouse.

Minnie rocks the dots in Ufufy style - small enough to fit in your palm and born from the clouds, Ufufy plushes have descended to earth snuggly soft and smelling of apple blossom.

Small Ufufy plush

Plussed with signature polka dot felt bow and scallop skirt

Embroidered features

Soft, squeezable fill with beans on bottom

Scented with apple blossom

Sits upright

Fuzzy plush texturing

Material: Polyester / polyethylene pellets

Plush Size: Approximately 4'' Inches tall

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